Emmy Award-winning engineer, gifted musician, storyteller, cook, and a truly loving soul.

Mike Murphy

Remembrances from Friends and Loved Ones

He had an infectious positive attitude that helped to propel us through untold long nights and struggles trying to get various bits of TV equipment working over the years. He was always willing to pitch in with whoever/wherever the help was needed, and did so with his characteristic smile. Now that I think back to it…sometimes the smile looked like a grimace… But a smile nonetheless. We will always remember Murph fondly and miss him dearly.
The Murph was a brother to me. We found ourselves working together at various companies for three decades. Since his retirement two years ago, we chatted every week about projects we'd done, how much the business changes and more importantly about the people he enjoyed working with over the years. He had few regrets... mostly when his last conversation didn't end with him saying he appreciated you very much. He enjoyed reminiscing about the times he had working alongside of you with great laughter and love.
Mike was one of the good guys. He was a very good engineer. He was an outstanding person. RIP Mike.
Oh, no! What a character he was. He saved my bacon several times at Monitor Channel. RIP, Mikey.
"A standup guy who could who could always be counted upon to work thru a engineering issue. I loved working with him. I enjoyed the time we had together. He will be missed.
Murph was a champion - and funny as hell. I have such fond memories of time at the monitor channel in large part because of Mike. My condolences to Mike's family.
Oh man. Had the pleasure of working/knowing him at Fox over the years. Never talked about work when we saw each other, always 'life stuffs.' A great guy, super intellegent and amazing sense of humor. One of the few peeps I always looked forward to seeing. My condolences to his family. Rest in peace buddy.
Crap. Sorry to hear this. He dubbed me, "Little Murph" When i was snot-nosed right out of college - at Monitor Channel. I, of course, called him, "Big Murph". Big in spirit. Always a smile and a funny story to tell... Miss him........
Oh my! Murphy was terrific, and very talented as an engineer in a changing business. I loved our times at The Monitor Channel. I would like to add my condolences to Mike's family.
We all worked with Mike and enjoyed his humor. Mike was always trying to make things work better or find a different angle to solve a problem. He did it by asking questions with a smile. "He will be missed" is an understatement.
He will be missed.... Enjoyed working and hanging out with him at the Monitor Channel and NBC Olympics. He was a good friend....
You were the first person to approach me on the day I stepped in to Gemini's doors over 6 years ago. I'll never forget the day I introduced new games to you and Julie. Reading upon your passing away broke my arcade heart. Thank you Michael L. Murphy for having Gemini Arcade Palace. We will be keeping our arcade spirits up high and kicking.
Mike lives on in the hearts of his family. Mike was a music person. He loved playing his guitar. When watering the garden, he loved when the hummingbirds would fly in and hum to him. Mike was a blessing to everyone who knew him. Thank you Dear Mike.
I remember Michael fondly from days of old...always a huge smile, a tasty guitar lick and a generous spirit. He will be missed.
Michael was a man of many faces in front of the camera and could always make me laugh!